false cities

FALSE CITIES- released 5/21/13
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“The finger-picking force sings his own quavering brand of hellfire and hope across these 10 songs, which whip the listener back and forth like a steam-powered hayride” — SPIN

SOPAS cover

Songs of Praise and Scorn- released 2/21/12
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`“Every song on his debut album Songs of Praise and Scorn cooks with both down-home comfort and avant-garde brio, Stelling building earthy folk troubadour stories over a fluster of wild arpeggios.” -The Village Voice

also, there are now two live sessions available
through the kind folks at

CPS- Daytrotter #1- 12/14/10- Click photo to go there.

CPS- Daytrotter #2- 4/13/12- Click photo to go there.